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ProMag Saiga 12GA 12rd Drum #DRUM-SAI12-12RD (Shown loaded with shells.)
ProMag Saiga 12GA 12rd Drum #DRUM-SAI12-12RD (Shown loaded with shells.)ProMag Saiga 12GA 12rd Drum #DRUM-SAI12-12RD (Shown empty)

ProMag Saiga 12GA 12rd Drum

Part Number: DRUM-SAI12-12RD
Centerfire's Price:
Manufactured by ProMag Industries
Holds 12rds
Fits Saiga 12GA Shotgun* (Purchase gun below)
New Production
High-Brass 2-3/4" Shells Recommended
Black Polymer with Clear Cover
Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty

*Due to the Saiga shotgun's generous manufacturing tolerances, the ProMag Saiga Drum may require minor fitting for use in some shotguns. This condition may occur in some, not all, Saiga 12GA shotguns. Instructions are included with each drum. The preferred tools for removing the material from the magazine are: A fingernail file/emory board or a small square/flat medium cut file. This modification does not affect the magazine or its performance. Warranty still applicable with the suggested modification.

Drums can only be shipped where there are no state law restrictions on hi-capacity drums.
Check below for specific restrictions.

Part Number: DRUM-SAI12-12RD
Product ID: 2875

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