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Saiga Tactical Assault Stock #SAI-STK-TAC

Saiga Tactical Assault Stock for Saiga firearms and AK-47 Variants

Part Number: SAI-STK-TAC
Centerfire's Price:

SGM manufactured (U.S. compliant part) stock kit fits Saiga firearms and AK-47 Variants.

Tactical Stock Kit includes:

  • Telescoping Tactical Stock
  • Ambidextrious Cheek Piece
  • Ready to mount.
  • Designed especially for Saigas and AK-47s.
  • It has the balance and hefty look that the AK needs.
  • Infinite adjustibility on its picatinny based slide system.
  • Goes from 9-1/2 to 14-1/2 length of pull.
  • Its recoil pad reduces recoil by 50%.
  • Its tucked away up front trigger system is easy to reach and wont hang up on clothing, vests, slings, etc.
  • Manufactured of glass-filled Zytel for superior strength.
  • A rubber pad covers the three cavities for storage of batteries, cleaning brush and cleaning kit (none of these included).
  • Back locking plate with sling shots, castle nut, and wrench are included.
  • Top sling mount built in.
  • Lower picatinny rail for sniper mono pod, flashlight, sling mount, etc.
Ready to mount. No gunsmithing required. Sec. 922(r) compliant.
Part Number: SAI-STK-TAC
Manufacturer: SGM Tactical
Manufacturer Part No.: SGMTTS
Product ID: 3661