IFC .410 ARU AR-15 Upper Receiver with Aluminum Rail, Front & Rear Flip-up Sights, and 5rd Magazine

IFC .410 ARU AR-15 Upper Receiver with Aluminum Rail, Front & Rear Flip-up Sights, and (1) Magazine

Part Number: ACC0624 Manufacturer: International Firearm Corp Manufacturer Part Number: 410ARUM UPC: 711356774472
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Price: $299.99

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  • Description

    IFC .410 ARU AR-15 Upper Receiver with BCG, Charging Handle, Aluminum Rail,
    Front & Rear Flip-up Sights, and (1) Magazine

    The .410 ARU upper allows any AR-15 to be converted to a .410 shotgun.


    • .410 GA 2-1/2"
    • 18.5" barrel
    • Gas operated
    • Weight: 4 lbs. (upper)
    • Includes:
      • Complete BCG
      • Charging handle
      • Complete forward assist and dust cover assemblies
      • Aluminum rail
      • Flip-up sights
      • (1) polymer magazine
    • Smooth bore
    • Will not fit DPMS lower

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    Overall this is a nice upper. The fact that its chambered for 3 inch shells and the magazine will only fit 2.5s is pretty stupid. The flip up sights are knock off Magpul mbus and the charging handle is pretty cheesy. But for $299 it is a fun upper.
    Great product
    Chambered for 3 inch. Magazine is for 2.5 inch. Top of magazine must be shaved, Bolt will not pass over it. After magazine fitting, It feeds fine. Unknown barrel thread?
    Way too cool, Thanks
    After installing on several lowers the problem is not with the hammer. The bolt catch is actually rubbing on the bolt carrier. Removed a little off on the lower I plan on using and now the bolt cycles perfectly. Each bolt catch on every lower was a fraction of an inch taller/shorter than the next. The one lower that let the bolt cycle properly was the shortest. Just matched the height to the lower I planned on using. Great product
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    Question:Can use with regular ar-15 lower - mel (06/22/2018)

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