IFC .410 ARU AR-15 Upper Receiver with Aluminum Rail, Front & Rear Flip-up Sights, and 5rd Magazine

IFC .410 ARU AR-15 Upper Receiver with Aluminum Rail, Front & Rear Flip-up Sights, and (1) Magazine

Part Number: ACC0624 Manufacturer: International Firearm Corp Manufacturer Part Number: 410ARUM UPC: 711356774472
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    IFC .410 ARU AR-15 Upper Receiver with BCG, Charging Handle, Aluminum Rail,
    Front & Rear Flip-up Sights, and (1) Magazine

    The .410 ARU upper allows any AR-15 to be converted to a .410 shotgun.


    • .410 GA 2-1/2"
    • 18.5" barrel
    • Gas operated
    • Weight: 4 lbs. (upper)
    • Includes:
      • Complete BCG
      • Charging handle
      • Complete forward assist and dust cover assemblies
      • Aluminum rail
      • Flip-up sights
      • (1) polymer magazine
    • Smooth bore
    • Will not fit DPMS lower

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    Way too cool, Thanks
    After installing on several lowers the problem is not with the hammer. The bolt catch is actually rubbing on the bolt carrier. Removed a little off on the lower I plan on using and now the bolt cycles perfectly. Each bolt catch on every lower was a fraction of an inch taller/shorter than the next. The one lower that let the bolt cycle properly was the shortest. Just matched the height to the lower I planned on using. Great product
    Took the upper out of the box and found that the ejection port door spring was incorrectly assembled. Both ends of the spring must be on the "closed" side of their door in order for their to be tension and thus, the door to be held open. This was assembled with one end of the spring on either side of the door, so the door just flops around. Pulled the charging handle back to inspect the bolt, and the bolt latch pin fell out. Either the 1/6" pin is too small or the hole for it is drilled over-size. Again, these problems appeared when the item was removed from the box and not yet attached to a lower, much less fired.
    So far so good. I am not sure what others are experiencing with the hammer yet. I have only ran about 25 Rounds through it. The muzzle brake was a bit loose after a few shots, tightened didn't have another issue. very happy with my purchase. Came back to purchase more and they were out of stock.
    IFC .410 ARU AR-15 UPPER was a huge Surprise!!! (This upper for $350 or LESS is a fair buy... Quality is good for what it is....) I currently have about 150 rounds of various brands/weights of ammo and I must say... This one works!! The platform is very reliable!!! (I only had one hangup early and was mixing Monarch #8 and Remington #7 and Remington slugs in the same 15rd magazine.) ***Note: It's not mentioned in the Description/Specs, probably to avoid confusion, but the barrel actually has a 3" Chamber which allows you to shoot 3" shells one at a time and it ejects the spent shell reliably every time!! This allows it to pick up the next 2.5" round from the magazine and keep going. **I ran a test by loading a 3" buckshot in the chamber and followed it with 15 rounds of different brands of 2.5" shells. This thing didn't miss a beat!!! The key to reliability in these is to remember that not all 2.5" shells are the same length. (The Winchester AA 2.5" were a little long for the magazines and didn't feed well.) **The Remington's, Estate, Herter's, and Monarch brand from Academy 2.5" shells ran beautifully without a hitch. *Cons, (Would be 5 stars but its still not perfect yet... ) There may be something to the other comments regarding the need for a shorter hammer. I had a high end "drop in trigger group" in my lower, and at some point, the hammer pin snapped. It still continued to fire without issue but this shouldn't have happened. I will now be using a mil spec trigger and will modify it if I need to in the future. *Another thing is the last shot, bolt hold open did not work on mine with any of my 4 magazines. (You can pull the bolt all the way back, and lock it open by pushing the outside bolt hold open lever.) Not a deal killer.... because the "magazine design" can be improved to make this work in the future.... *Also you will want to blue-Loctite the allen screws on the front hand guard because they loosen up while you're shooting. (Teach our children well and educate them of their rights..... for history is now one sided and being changed/erased in our schools as we speak...) It's criminal what is happening..... Civics and History are no longer part of a basic education curriculum....
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    Question:Can use with regular ar-15 lower - mel (06/22/2018)

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