Simunition® SecuriBlank® Loud Cartridges -  9mm Safe Blank (Toxfree® Primers) -  50rds(#AM9M-BLANK-50)

Simunition® SecuriBlank® Loud Cartridges - 9mm

Part Number: AM9M-BLANK-50 Manufacturer: Simunition Manufacturer Part Number: 5306000 UPC: 886222001434
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  • Description

    Simunition® SecuriBlank® Loud Cartridges -  9mm Safe Blank (Toxfree® Primers) -  50rds

    Simunition® is the world leader in safe, realistic and interactive short range training solutions. SecuriBlank® Loud, the most recent Simunition® training cartridge, sets a new standard as the world’s safest blank cartridge.

    SecuriBlank® Loud is designed using the Simunition® patented reduced-energy technology and works with a weapon conversion kit, increasing safety and ensuring proper weapon functioning. SecuriBlank® Loud joins the FX® Marking Cartridge to complete the Simunition® family of non-lethal, reduced-energy training cartridges.



    • Designed for military, law enforcement and approved range programs
    • Non-toxic cartridge
    • Reduced propellant charge
    • Cleaner than conventional blanks, greatly reduces weapon fouling
    • Safer blank, virtually eliminates unburnt propellant and ejected particles
    • Realistic recoil
    • Functions in Simunition® converted service weapons
    • Increased flash and sound signature


    • No Blank Firing Attachment (BFA) required
    • Convenient for training any time, any place, indoors and outdoors
    • Affordable
    • SecuriBlank® Loud is distributed world-wide exclusively through the Simunition® network

    Weapon conversion kits feature

    • User-friendly installation; no tools required for temporary conversion
    • Safe design helps preclude the firing of live, lethal ammunition
    • Weapon function mode for 9mm is single shot mode only

    Ideal for various types of training

    • With interactive video-based simulator systems
    • Reality-based, force-on-force interactive scenarios
    • Weapon safety handling training
    • Compatible with most Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement Systems (MILES)
    • With K-9 teams
    • For firearms familiarization
    • In realistic weapon retention drills
    • In sensitive areas, where not even FX® Marking Cartridges can be fired for safety reasons


    • Copper alloy case
    • Polymer Sabot (dark blue)
    • Small pistol Toxfree® primer
    • 0.07 ft.-lb. muzzle energy
    • No perforation of witness paper at 3 ft.
    • For use with Simunition® conversion kit only
    • Semi-auto firing mode only
    • Compatible with SAIC Mini-MILES (9mm) System
    • Are NOT marking rounds

    Please click the link to view an information PDF created by Simunition® : Download PDF

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