Korean 15rd 9mm Magazine for Glock Models 19 and 26 (#MAGGLO9-02)

Korean 15rd 9mm Magazine for Glock Models 19 and 26

Part Number: MAGGLO9-02 Manufacturer: Korean Manufacturer Part Number: NA UPC: 766150019605
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  • Description

    Korean 15rd 9mm Magazine for Glock Models 19 and 26


    • Korean manufactured
    • Steel lined
    • Will fit Glock Model 19 and 26 pistol
    • 15rd
    • New production

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    I bought these after doing some research. I am building a P80 pistol with my 3 sons and was looking for inexpensive magazines for the four of us to break the guns in. After the rasearch I decided to give these a try. I ordered 10 G17 and 3 G19 magazines. I also went to the Wolff Springs website and ordered the corresponding number of springs. The magazines were faster than the springs so I had a chance to look them over. These are just as hard to disassemble as stock, that's a good sign. The shells looked well made with no plastic flash or trash inside to interfere with the followers. The followers & spring plates looked like cheap plastic but workable. When the Wolff springs came in I compared them and there is a comparable difference. They reassembled with no issues at all. Whether loaded or empty they slide easily into the Magwells and drop free. For $10 a magazine and $5 a spring they are a great alternative to stock. If I were going to carry these for defensive purposes I would swap out the followers. But would I ise them for defensive purposes? My philosophy is this. A magazine need only hold my bullets till I pull the trigger. I will have thoroughly tested the magazine before loading it & putting it into my pistol. It's a one time use item and I'll probably toss it after it's empty in urban shooting. I won't likely have spare ammo to reload the magazine during a fire fight so it's one & done. And the first two magazines will be stock magazines anyway. But I think they would be acceptable back up.... IMHO.
    The KCI 15 Round magazines work just as good as Glock mags just way cheaper. I ordered 10 KCI magazines and I I received 9 KCI mags and 1 American Tactical magazine. This is why I am giving this product a 4 star. Hopefully Centerfiresystems make good and sends me another KCI magazine.
    Love them bought more. just as good as oem mags but way better price

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    Question:Is this a KCI magazine or Khan? The KCI is on the base plate. - JOE (02/27/2017)
    Response:They are KCI. Thank you!