S&W Model 10 .38 Special Revolver - Heavy Barrel - Rubber Grips - Trade-in (#HG0417)

S&W Model 10 .38 Special Revolver - Heavy Barrel - Rubber Grips - Trade-in

Part Number: HG0417 Manufacturer: Smith & Wesson Manufacturer Part Number: NA UPC:
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  • Description

    S&W Model 10 .38 Special Revolver - Heavy Barrel - Rubber Grips - Trade-in


    • Police trade-in
    • .38 Special
    • Rubber grips
    • Used/good condition
    • 6-shot single/double action
    • Blued
    • 4" heavy barrel

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    Very pleased with my model 10! Bluing is decent, lock up is tight. Trigger pull is smooth. My first duty gun was a Model 10 heavy barrel, purchased new, in 1973, for $96.00! Takes me back in time!
    Reviewed by Larry  B
    4/25/2017 6:22:53 PM
    Mine arrived with less holster wear than the one pictured in the ad. It locks up fine and the cylinder to barrel clearance is tight. Trigger pull is excellent and double action feels perfect. I'm not only satisfied about customer service, I am ecstatic. Shipping was quick to my dealer and I had the piece home the night it arrived.. It needed cleaning, but that was no big deal. You get to know your arms by cleaning them. I was not fast enough to get the factory stocks, but they are available on the Ebay market.. Thanks Centerfire Systems.
    Reviewed by Dick  E
    3/27/2017 4:45:34 PM
    I was a little hesitant after reading the negative review on here about the poor condition model that one customer received. Especially with these being police trad ins. I see that Centerfire corrected the situation which is respectable of them. Anyway, I went ahead and ordered one. It took about 3 days for me to receive the revolver. Upon arrival, I was pleasantly surprised. The one I received was not even all that dirty. These are Model 10-10's as mentioned in a another review, they are from the California dept of corrections. This dept, was one of the last departments in the country to transition to semi autos, so these guns are not really all that old. Mine is from the early 90's. It has minor finish wear on the edge of the muzzle, some light surface scratches on the cylinder that are not through the blueing. It locks up tight, and the grips are in good shape. I have not had a chance to get to the range with it yet, but I see no reason that it would give me any problems at all. Overall, if you are looking for a classic wheel gun, these would be hard to beat. My dad carried one of these for nearly 20 years as a deputy, and when I received this one, and showed it to him, he asked if it was new. These are the deal to beat right now. Get one before they are gone.
    Reviewed by Shawn  W
    3/12/2017 5:58:56 PM
    I bought the last available one with the wood grips according to Centerfire Systems web site. The revolver showed up at my FFLs about 3 or 4 days after ordering. At first I was a little bit worried by its condition (nasty old grease, dust, oogie boogies and a few other things science has yet to identify. Lol. I told myself, "self how many Mosins and SKSs have you de-gunked over the years and and in the end had a beautiful rifle! That's right I have. I can do this.". So I broke the weapon down and cleaned it up real good. I oiled it and reassembled. The result... Beautiful! I thought there may be a gem under all that gunk and there was. The revolver, as a huge bonus, had a bright bore that had seen very little rounds down range. What a nice piece, thank you Centerfire Systems!
    Reviewed by Donald  S
    2/28/2017 5:12:55 PM
    Update to Original Review: After posting the initial review of Model 10, I was proactively contacted by Centerfire's customer service team. They were very concerned about my dissatisfaction and observations about the one I was shipped. From our discussions it seems that these are pre-packaged and graded by their distributors and the one I send was simply out of grade. With that they arranged for an exchange "in warranty" RMA. After sending back the initial revolver my replacement arrived promptly. The new example is definitely much more in line what I was expecting. While it is not perfect (I never thought it would be), it is clearly well within the upper end of the surplus "good" grade. The photo and description for the listed item are definitely representative of what I received. It was replaced with another model 10-10 from the "CDC" . It has expected levels of bluing wear on the sharp edged and on the muzzle end from holster wear, but the barrel, crown, and other surfaces are all in great shape. Mechanically it is in fantastic shape and the trigger and internals are butter smooth. Even the Pachmayr grips on this one were in good condition and are good to go. This Model 10 fills a nice gap in my collection and has many years and rounds left in it. 4 star on the item , but 5 stars on the Centerfire customer service team. ***********Original Review:*********** I am pretty disappointed with this purchase. I have purchased lots of military and police surplus firearms over the years, and I have a pretty clear idea of what the grades mean and as well try to have reasonable expectation on what will come in. In most cases either I am expecting too little or are just very lucky, but I am very rarely disappointed and in fact typically thrilled. This item is listed as “good” and I assume that means “surplus good”, however the best I would rate it overall is “surplus fair”. Cosmetically it is “surplus poor” at best (yes the lowest grade), but mechanically it seems sound enough to be safe (despite multiple loose screws) so I will bump it up a bit overall. However this is one ugly beast that needs a lot of work before it can go to the range. The item description photo, while showing the same item as mine (specifically I was sent a model 10-10 from the “CDC”), it is NOT even close to being representative of what I received. Mine has excessive bluing wear (as in completely gone in large areas) and oxidation across almost all metal surfaces. The barrel sides, frame top, and under the grips are in especially poor condition. At best we are talking 30% finish remaining overall. The Pachmayr grips are a utter lost cause. Not only are they brittle rotten and worn out, but they have been hacked on and the bottom crudely chopped open so the serial is visible on the bottom of the square butt. The pistol is so filthy (pure dirt and grime with zero preservative) I have not been able to determine the barrel condition yet. This firearm was never properly maintained and it is caked in years and years of carbon fouling, lead build up, and possibly corrosion. The barrel crown is almost certainly a lost cause due to corrosion and neglect. So to get this to any serviceable level I will have to replace the grips, either have it re-blued or cerakoted, and possibly re-crowned. That will clearly cost me additional out of pocket $$$ and once tacked onto the $299 +3% “sale” price it hardly makes this model 10 worth the total out of pocket cost from my point of view. These seem to be available elsewhere so shop around and know that at least some are the ones Centerfire has are absolute junk and beaters worth $200 TOPS. You might get lucky, but based on this one example their low end range of what qualifies as “good” seems to go well below what I have seen from other vendors and the industry in general. This is always a risk when buying turn in or surplus firearms unseen so I can live with it, but when the items are not correc
    Reviewed by Brian  K
    2/22/2017 12:31:19 PM
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  • FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Question:Are these round or square butted Model 10's? - Daniel (03/26/2017)
    Response:They are square butted. Thank you!
    Question:I see the gun pictured has the internal lock. Do they all have the lock? - Bernardo (03/05/2017)
    Response:No, none of our trade-ins have the internal lock. Thank you!
    Question:Can you ship these to California? - Chris (02/24/2017)
    Response:No, unfortunately we cannot. Thank you!
    Question:Are there import marks on these? - Anthony (01/05/2017)
    Response:No. These came out of a law enforcement agency in the U.S.
    Question:Can I use +P ammo in this? - William (12/29/2016)
    Response:You can use +P ammo in this gun. Some of the guns we received have +P engraved into the barrel, but some don't. The gun does have a heavy barrel which can accommodate +P ammunition. Thank you for your question.

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