Korean 50rd Drum for Glock 9mm Double-Stack Pistols

Korean 50rd Drum for Glock 9mm Double-Stack Pistols

Part Number: DRUM0003 Manufacturer: Korean Manufacturer Part Number: NA UPC: NA
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Price: $49.99

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    Korean 50rd Drum for Glock 9mm Double-Stack Pistols


    • New - Korean mfg.
    • Fits all 9mm Double-Stack Glock Pistols
    • Black Polymer
    • Loads quick and easy with finger groove ratchet tab
    • Caliber: 9MM
    • Capacity: 50 rounds

    Please note: This drum does not fit Glock Single Stack Pistols

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    I had this drum mag loaded for over 2 years. when I went to shoot it, I had zero failures in my AR-9mm. What is most impressive to me about this 9mm drum mag, is that it runs flawless every time with my Franklin Armory BFS3 binary trigger. I have used this mag with all types of ammo, from steel case ammo to weak aluminum case ammo and it works every time. if these drum mags ever come down in price I will be buying like 5 more of them. I highly recommend this 9m drum mag for regular shooting but most definitely for *binary triggers or **fullauto, this drum mag keeps up with rapid rates of fire.
    Does not fit PSA PG-9 lower receivers. Too tight to go in even half way.
    Went through 4 full mags with this on my 19, no issues at all, seems very solid for the price.

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