CZ 83 .380 ACP Pistol - Excellent Condition

CZ 83 .380 ACP Pistol - Excellent Condition

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    CZ 83 .380 ACP Pistol - Excellent Condition


    Manufactured by the Czechoslovak firm Česká zbrojovka — and bearing a striking resemblance to the original John Moses Browning handgun design — the CZ-83 is based on the CZ-82 9×18 Makarov, originally designed as the sidearm for the Czechoslovakian military in the 1980s.


    • The CZ-83 is a 12-shot single/double action semi-automatic blowback pistol chambered in .380 ACP.
    • The fixed barrel design and trigger yields very good combat accuracy.
    • A low bore axis provides for less muzzle rise and quicker follow-up shots.
    • The frame-mounted thumb safety and the magazine release are ambidextrous.
    • The barrel bore is chrome plated with polygonal rifling.


    • Czech Model CZ 83
    • .380 ACP (9mm Short/Browning)
    • Semi-auto
    • Compact
    • All steel
    • Hammer drop safety
    • Includes (1) 12rd magazine
    • Limited quantity available

    EXCELLENT CONDITION (May show slight use. Defects are minimal and not easy to detect. Will show minimal bluing wear, specifically around edges and muzzle. There may be little scratches on wood or metal. Shiny bore. Overall condition: 80-99%.)
    Please Note: These are not C&R eligible. An FFL is required for purchase. The grading of these guns is influenced by the overall average grade of the shipment we receive. Some guns in the shipment may be on the low end or high end of the stated average grade.
    Please Note: The above images show left, right, barrel end and buttstock end of two separate handguns to show the condition of the Excellent Grading.

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    Gun looks like it was very lightly used, however it looks like it wasn't properly cleaned before storage. Came completely dry and dirty. Grooves in serrations on slide and hammer have rust from sitting with grime. Front and back straps are covered in tiny rust spots. Closer to good condition than excellent.

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