8mm Mauser 15rd Box 198gr FMJ Yugo Military

8mm Mauser 15rd Box 198gr FMJ Yugo Military

Part Number: AM0537 Manufacturer: Yugoslavian Manufacturer Part Number: Military Surplus UPC: NA
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    8mm Mauser 15rd Box 198gr FMJ Yugo Military

    Yugoslavian military surplus 8mm Mauser ammunition produced in the 1950s. This classic military cartridge features a lead core, 198 grain Full Metal Jacket bullet, and a beautifully clean brass casing that only shows discoloration from the annealing process (standard among military ammunition).

    The primer is Berdan and since it was produced in the 1950s, the firearm should get a little extra elbow grease when cleaning since ammunition of this period is CORROSIVE.

    In each 15rd box of 8mm ammunition there are THREE reusable steel Mauser stripper clips with 5rds on each clip.


    • Yugoslavian 8mm Mauser
    • Produced in the 1950s
    • Military cartridge
    • Lead core
    • 198 grain
    • Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
    • Brass case
    • Berdan primed
    • Corrosive
    • 15rds per box divided among (3) stripper clips
    • Order in quantities of 16, 32, 48 or 60 boxes and we'll ship it in a sealed, food-grade pail ready for long-term storage

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    Good 8mm, shoots fine in the 98k and MG-42, and the primers are punched, so no problems with popped out primers in the action.

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