PPU 8mm (7.92x57mm) Mauser 198 GR FMJ Yugo 250rd Belted with Ammo Can

PPU 8mm (7.92x57mm) Mauser 198 GR FMJ Yugo 250rd Belted with Ammo Can

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    PPU 8mm (7.92x57mm) Mauser 198 GR FMJ Yugo 250rd Belted with Ammo Can


    • 8mm (7.92x57mm) Mauser
    • 198 grain
    • Full Metal Jacket
    • Brass case
    • Berdan primed
    • Corrosive
    • Non-magnetic projectile with copper jacket and lead core
    • 250 rounds on belt
    • Stored in metal ammo can
    • Very dirty - will need cleaned up
    • Can easily be delinked and used in Mauser rifles
    • Due to corrosion, a small percentage of this ammo may be prone to misfires

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    Can condition wasn’t too bad. Couple small dents. Needed cleaning. Ammo looked like surplus ammo looks. Needed cleaning but not bad. Can closed well and sealed tight when closed. I think the price could’ve been cheaper. Fast shipping.
    Great price! Pull the links off & throw it in the tumbler & it should do just fine in my mauser!
    Took it out today all 10 rounds fired no hang fires it is dirty as shown but seemed to work fine
    Use extreme caution when shooting this ammo. I had no misfires. However most have a delay after primer detonation. Some hangfires are almost a full second.

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