200rds Meridian .30-06 (7.62x63mm) 150gr FMJ 200rd - PLUS! add. 60rds FREE! (to cover 20% dud rate)

200rds Meridian .30-06 (7.62x63mm) 150gr FMJ 200rd - Military Surplus - PLUS! add. 60rds FREE! (to cover 20% dud rate)

Part Number: AM0641 Manufacturer: FRANCE Manufacturer Part Number: AM2997 UPC: NA
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    200 rounds Meridian .30-06 (7.62x63mm) 150 grain Full Metal Jacket - Military Surplus - PLUS! add. 60rds  FREE!   (to cover 20% dud rate)


    What We Know

    This French ammunition is a perfect way to save some cash while enjoying plinking and practice with your vintage Springfield, Enfield, M1 Garand, or BAR rifle*! These rounds are fitted with a corrosive Berdan primer; this requires better care of the rifles components, but increases the shelf-life and dependability of the cartridge itself. The 150 grain full metal copper jacket projectile consistently averages 3000 fps while producing a very tolerable recoil impulse to most shooters.


    • Brand: Military Surplus
    • Caliber: .30-06 (7.62X63mm)
    • Bullet Weight: 150 grain
    • Bullet Type: Full Metal Copper Jacket/ Lead Core
    • Primer Type: Berdan (corrosive)
    • Case Type: Brass


     Please Note: 20% Dud rate (tested)  so we're giving you an additional Sixty Rounds FREE! 

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    Great product! great price! I ran 2 boxes through my 1903A3 with no duds! It's a win- win situation, get a dud, pull the bullet and reload it, simple as that! That's centerfire systems for more great products!
    Out of the whole bunch there is only 4 that had significant corrosion. The rest has had no misfires or hang fire. Really great deal.
    Mine had a date of 1949 on all boxes. If this is the date of manufacture, I am afraid to shoot. I don't know hoe or what conditions it was stored under.
    Although these rounds are 60 years old, I have not had any misfires. They come in an ammo can and are clean and without corrosion. It is a good deal for the money and they are always delivered quickly
    Do yourself a favor and don’t buy this ammo shot 10 rounds and 8 of them were duds 2 rounds had a hang fire about a second and a half to high of a pressure cartridge to be playing games with the bad part about it is it’s such nice looking ammo I don’t blame Centerfire Systems they advertised it how they saw it they are good people to deal with and I will continue to buy from them otherwise the ppu 8mm belted machine gun ammo I got from them in April shot 20 rounds all 20 went off with no hangfires or duds sometime that’s how the milsurp dice rolls. Frank

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