CZECH CESKA vz. 52 7.62x45mm Barreled Action - C&R Eligible

CZECH CESKA vz. 52 7.62x45mm Barreled Action - C&R Eligible

Part Number: RI0503 Manufacturer: Czech Manufacturer Part Number: VZ52 UPC: 631661600973
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    CZECH CESKA vz. 52 7.62X45mm Barreled Action - C&R Eligible

    All of these vz. 52 barreled action rifles have been sorted by grade highest to lowest.

    Fulfillment will start with the highest-graded rifle and will continue down the list in correlation to the sequence of orders placed. The rifle pictured here will be the last one shipped.


    The vz. 52 is a shoulder-fired semi-automatic rifle with a tilting-bolt locking mechanism powered by an annular short-stroke gas piston system. It is considered both reliable and accurate. The bolt is locked by two lugs that recess into slots machined into the receiver. However, unlike most vertically-locking breech mechanism, the rifle's bolt has the unusual feature of tipping the bolt frontally to lock the mechanism, whereas other tipping bolt designs tip the bolt to the rear. The piston is actuated by residual gases from the bore, vented into a sleeve surrounding the barrel to overcome the inertia of the bolt carrier, bolt and the resistance of the return spring in order to unlock the chamber, eject the empty cartridge casing and then introduce a new round into the chamber upon return to battery.

    The vz. 52 feeds from a detachable box magazine with a 10-round cartridge capacity but could also be rapidly recharged from stripper clips with the bolt retracted. For this purpose, a stripper clip guide is milled into the front face of the bolt carrier, aligning with the magazine when the bolt is locked in the open position. This is the primary method of reloading the rifle as infantrymen were only issued 2 magazines per rifle. It ejects cartridge cases vigorously forward and to the left.


    The vz. 52 rifle is a self-loading rifle developed shortly after the Second World War in Czechoslovakia. Its full name is 7,62mm samonabíjecí puška vzor 52. 'Vz. 52' is an abbreviation for vzor 52, meaning "model 52".

    All of the vz. 52 series were quickly replaced in Czechoslovak service by the vz. 58, but the earlier rifles found their way to Soviet allies during the Cold War, and have seen service in Grenada, Somalia, Cuba and Afghanistan and many of those were passed on to guerrillas. At least 12,000 of Cuba's vz. 52s were emptied from that country's reserve stocks and donated to Angola as military aid during the Cuban intervention in Angola.

    The Czech Castle guard uses chrome-finished, deactivated vz. 52 rifles with darkened wood stocks as ceremonial weapons.


    • Barreled Action
    • Action: Semi-automatic
    • Caliber: 7.62x45mm
    • Condition: Bore — Fair to Good
    • Includes: Stripped bolt, bolt carrier and dust cover, handguard (may have dings, chips, scratches, missing pieces, dings), barrel band, bayonet, complete rear sight

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