Original Military Issued M203 Grenade Launcher Handguard with Leaf Sight - Fair Condition (#ACC0438)

Original Military Issued M203 Grenade Launcher Handguard with Leaf Sight - Fair Condition

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  • Description

    Original Military Issued M203 Grenade Launcher Handguard with Leaf Sight - Fair Condition


    • Original Military Issue
    • M203 Grenade Launcher Handguard
    • Constructed of black composition nylon
    • Has inner aluminum heat shield for 40mm M203 grenade launcher
    • 12" long
    • Used - in fair condition (all handguards will have small chips and/or cracks)
    • M203 Leaf Sight is attached to the top of the handguard
    • Leaf sight includes:
      • Sight
      • Base and mount
      • Elevation adjustment screw
      • Windage adjustment screw
    • Leaf sight features:
      • Sight Base: Two mounting screws permanently attach the sight base to the rifle handguard. When the sight is down or not in use, the base protects it from damage.
      • Sight Mount and Sight: The grenadier uses the sight mount, which is attached to the sight base, to raise or lower the sight. Though the range is not marked on the sight in meters, the sight is graduated in 50-meter increments from 50 to 250 meters, which are marked with a "1" at 100 meters and a "2" at 200 meters.
      • Elevation Adjustment Screw and Elevation Scale: The screw attaches the sight to its mount. When the screw is loosened, the sight can be moved up or down to make minor adjustments in elevation during the zeroing procedure. The rim of a 40mm cartridge case is useful for turning the screw. Raising the sight increases the range; lowering the sight decreases the range. The elevation scale consists of five lines spaced equally on the sight. The index line is to the left of the sight. Moving the sight one increment moves the impact of the projectile 10 meters in elevation at a range of 200 meters.
      • Windage Screw and Windage Scale: The knob on the left end of the windage screw is used to make minor deflection adjustments during the zeroing procedure. The scale has a zero line in its center and two lines spaced equally on each side of the zero line. At a range of 200 meters, turning the knob on the windage scale one increment to the left moves the impact of the projectile 1.5 meters to the right.

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    Item came in more than fair condition. Visible wear on the outside and the inner metal guards were bent a bit, the ends that hook up with the triangle cap and slip ring had a few chips missing but not enough to make it wobbly or not fit. Excellent choice for your replica needs.
    Was better than I expected very usable only a couple chips out of the fiberglass where the delta ring rides. Very easy fix with epoxy. No rust on metal sight and the internal heat shield was all intact. Very happy especially catching it on sale.

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