SAS12 12GA Semi-Auto Detachable Magazine Fed Shotgun with 24" Barrel and Brown Furniture

SAS12 12GA Semi-Auto Detachable Magazine Fed Shotgun with 24" Barrel and Brown Furniture

Part Number: SG0036 Manufacturer: SDS IMPORTS Manufacturer Part Number: SAS12 UPC: NA
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  • Description

    SAS12 12GA Semi-Auto Detachable Magazine Fed Shotgun with 24" Barrel and Brown Furniture


    • Semi-automatic
    • Mag fed
    • 12 gauge
    • 24" chrome-lined vent rib barrel with bead sight
    • 2-3/4" chamber
    • Chrome-plated bolt
    • Matte blue finish
    • Brown plastic furniture
    • (2) 3rd steel magazines included
    • Made in China - Original Brolin Arms SAS12

    See SAS12 5rd Magazine Below

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    Jump on this, got it cleaned up and ran 3 bx hi brass, yep she jammed up 4 times first box then ran non stop the other 2 bx. Fun to shoot and for the price you cant bet it. I have run about 9 bx field shot skeet shooting and the guns works great.
    After cleaning thoroughly, I took it out to the range with 25 2 3/4" slugs. Every round cycled perfectly, and I tried both 3 round magazines and a 5-rounder. So far so good. I set up a steel plate on a steel-challenge type stand and knocked the whole thing over with the first hit. Good fun for the money.
    This was my first purchase from Centerfire and I will certainly order from them again. Shipping was fast and the SAS12 arrived with no damage. It came sealed in a plastic bag slathered in cosmoline. It took about an hour to fully disassemble and clean it. Mine has functioned flawlessly so far, but I have only put a few mags through it. Fit and finish is good. Anyone thinking about buying one of these needs to realize it may need some polishing and tweaking to get it to run 100%. I have not tried light loads in it yet, but it fired buckshot and slugs 100%. Others online have not had such luck so maybe I got a good one and they didn't. I think this gun is an outstanding value and would not hesitate to buy it again.
    This is the second one I had my dealer purchase. Disassembled the shotgun and cleaned all the parts in hot water and dishwashing detergent. It was an easy cleanup. Filed the channel in the carrier where the hammer rides and polished the hammer where it contacts the carrier. The channel has weld material that is smaller than the channel and can hang up the hammer. Next put course valve grind compound on the surfaces that ride in the receiver and worked the action many times. Cleaned up the compound and lightly oiled the parts. Action worked smoothly. Polished the feed ramp in the barrel and smoothed it. Cleaned the gas ports in the barrel with a drill and polished the gas exit hole in the piston housing. The butt stock was oversized but very usable. The field test went well. Fired a box of Federal high brass #5 using two 3 round and two 5 round magazines. Function was flawless. Fun shotgun with a little gunsmithing. Well worth 139.99.
    These come in a sealed bag coated in Cosmoline and grease. I watched a YouTube video on how to disassemble it and cleaned it up. I made no modifications to it. I saw the reports of having to run high brass shells in it .. I ran three boxes of cheap high brass estate ammo through it with a advertised 1350 fps rating. It Literally had no malfunctions with high brass ammo running the factory 3 round mags. 75 rounds went right through it. Rough on the shoulder though! :) I also ran a few birdshot wax slugs through it just to see how they did. They were very accurate in the shotgun. Most of my Semi auto shotguns do not run birdshot so I wouldn't expect the sas-12 to unless you want to use it as a single shot. Its no prize winner in the looks dept but its definitely worth it for the $140. Get them while you can. Grab some 5 round mags for it as well. Real neat plinker even if you need to run high brass in it.
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  • FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Question:Does this shotgun accept a standard type buttstock (Mossburg 500, Remington 870 etc.?) - Collin (07/08/2017)
    Response:The furniture is proprietary so I don't see that anything else will work on it.
    Question:How many rounds are needed to brake in? - Kevin (06/30/2017)
    Response:At least 100
    Question:Hi has this shotgun SAS12 been encased/stored in cosmoline? - Mark (06/27/2017)
    Response:It was stored in cosmoline.
    Question:Does this have a fixed choke? Cylinder? - Zach (06/25/2017)
    Question:Is this choked or smooth? - Michael (06/24/2017)
    Question:Is/will there be a higher capacity magazine available for this shotgun? - Anthony (06/24/2017)
    Response:We will have 5rd mag in 60 days. These will be on an e-deal when they come in.
    Question:Is it gas or recoil operated, is barrel removable, is barrel threaded for choke tubes, does it come with choke tubes if not threaded for tubes what is the choke??? I'm very seriously considering it and will likely order it as soon as questions are answered - Dave (06/23/2017)
    Response:This doesn't come with choke tubes and it isn't threaded for choke tubes.This is a smooth bore.These are gas operated. Hope this helps.

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