AK-47 Parts Kit

Romanian PM-90 AIMR AK-47 7.62x39 Parts Kit

Part Number: KIT-AK05 Manufacturer: Romanian Manufacturer Part Number: NA UPC: 794504115222
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  • Description

    Romanian PM-90 AIMR AK-47 7.62x39 Parts Kit


    We’re excited to be the very first distributor to offer this collectaile AK-47 Rifle Kit from M+M Industries. This is the very first kit in what will be a series of AK-47 Rifle Kits; each model picked specifically for its place as some of the world's most popular rifles in small-arms history.

    These kits come directly from the Romanian Cugir Factory Floor and are brand new. What that means is that every single part in this kit is pulled from the manufacturer’s inventory, checked for count accuracy, packaged for secured shipping, and shipped to us here at Centerfire Systems.

    Limited to only 250 of these kits, this Romanian AKM Variant PM Model 90 (AIMR) Collectable AK-47 Rifle Kit will not be in stock very long. This PM Model 90 AK-47 kit assembly will be the beginning of a unique series of AK models to start or add to your collection.


    • Romanian Mil-Spec factory new
    • Made available as the first model in what will be a series - new models will be added to this series as they become available
    • All parts are unissued and brand new and have NEVER been assembled, direct from the factory
    • 7.62x39mm
    • Standard issue cleaning kit included
    • Kit does not include barrel / receiver / magazine (sold separately)
    • Parts are NOT serialized
    • Limited to 250 units in stock - no backorders

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    Check your kits very carefully. Mine was missing the bolt. Called customer support and they acted like they didn't believe me. Said kit came from M&M.... as if they couldn't make a mistake. So they sent me a used bolt with many rounds on it for my replacement. Now I have a more the 50% wore out bolt for my New Rifle. Called M&M also. Told them the problem, not even a returned call or e-mail. I rate both companies customer service as a fail. Rest of kit is brand new. 3 stars for missing parts
    Hey everyone, I got one of these and OMFG. It's beautiful! I didn't expect them to still be in stock. I wish I could effort 10 more. I have bought several Romain kits over the years and a few of the REALLY NICE AMD65 kits that appeared to be unused. This kit, BLOWS all that sh!t out of the water. The front trunion has NRVER been drilled for rivits or barrel pin. There are small starter indents so you know where to drill. This kit is a builders dream. Use whatever barrel length you want. Make sure you do an exceptional job on your receiver build, as this kit is worthy. The only thing that I think could possibly be nicer, is a billet receiver. I'm telling you, I can't wait for the next in the series! Centerfire, put me down for when the next one in the limited series is available. I'm gonna need it.

  • FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Question:Will a 16 inch barrel work with this kit? Or is designed for the 12 inch barrel that you are putting in your other complete kit.? - Mark (06/17/2018)
    Response:A 16" barrel will work but the barrel cannot have the gas port hole pre-drilled. The gas block will not line up correctly on pre-drilled barrels . Our part number BBL0059 is an original Romanian but has NOT had the gas port hole drilled. This barrel can be used as part of a build.
    Question:Is this an under folder or side folder. - Mark (06/17/2018)
    Response:Side Folder

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