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Airsoft/AR-15 Vertical Grip

Part Number: AS-F-GRIP
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Price: $229.99

Romanian PSL/FPK 7.62x54R Parts

Part Number: DRAPRT01
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Price: $9.99

AK Trigger Group Package

Part Number: PKG E
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Price: $699.99

M1A1 Thompson SMG Kit

Part Number: GB0020
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Price: $217.99

VZ59 Kit Side Folder

Part Number: GB0002
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Price: $174.99

Uzi Kit Without Barrel

Part Number: GB0003
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Price: $150.00

Military Surplus Lot 1

Part Number: GB0005
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Price: $759.99

HK UMP 40 KIT .40 Cal (No Receiver)

Part Number: GB0006
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Price: $29.99

Suomi M31 Stick Magazines

Part Number: GB0007
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Price: $59.99

Military Surplus Lot 2

Part Number: GB0010
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Price: $499.99

Polish PM-63 Machine Pistol Kit 9x18

Part Number: GB0012
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Price: $169.99

Bren Furniture (Stripped and Unfinished)

Part Number: GB0018-2PK
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